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Terrestrial Laser Scanner

We are proud to announce that added a terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS)

to our toolkit for science applications - a State-of-the-Art Riegl VZ400i.

  • High laser pulse repetition rate of up to 1.2 MHz

  • High speed data acquisition up to 500,000 measurements/sec

  • Wide field of view, 100°x360°

  • Range up to 800 m, accuracy 5 mm

This new addition is enabled through a close cooperation with the Maxim Foundation in Cairns, also a science-oriented Not-For-Profit organisation.

The TLS can be used as a stand-alone sensor

or make a powerful combination with the existing ARA airborne Lidars (ALS).

Tropical Rainforest on Cape York


Scans of the Wellington Cave System in NSW.


In the 1820, these caves provided the first evidence  that Australia had once abounded with giant marsupials.

Cathedral Cave

Viewing Platform


Cathedral Cave with palaeontological excavations on the left


Profile view of the Wellington caves and phosphate mine

with ground surfaces showing around the entrances


Plan view of the Wellington caves (bottom) and phosphate mine (top).


Tunnel system of the old phosphate mine once used for manufacturing of explosives in WW1

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