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LiDAR bathymetry of Ningaloo Reef, NW-Western Australia

We recently flew our topographic and bathymetric Lidars over Ningaloo Reef. We were very fortunate with the weather and water conditions, so we were able to "see" into the water all the way down to more than 13m depth.

The topographic Lidar (a Riegl Q680i-S) was mapping the water surface, giving us an image of the waves crashing into the reef edge, while the bathymetric Lidar (a Riegl VQ820G) gave us a very detailed image of the reef structure below.

Use the slider to uncover the underwater reef structure !

Results from a collaborative study with Ryan Lowe and Jeff Hansen, Univerity of Western Australia 

If you would like to see how this area looks from the cockpit of the research aircraft, go to our Facebook page .

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