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Airborne Measurements of Methane (CH4) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

During 2021 to 2024, ARA has been / will be measuring CH4 and CO2 at several locations around Australia.

ARA has been / will using "in-situ" methodology at all LNG-facilities and coal mines listed while scientists from the University of Bremen/Germany have been using "remote-sensing" instrumentation flown on ARA aircraft.

All measurements have been funded by the UN Environment Programme, International Methane Emissions Observatory - IMEO.

COMPLETED in 2021, 2022 and 2023:

  • ARA - Karratha Gas Plant and Pluto LNG-facilities near Karratha/WA

  • ARA - Wheatstone  LNG-facility near Onslow/WA

  • ARA - Gorgon LNG-facility on Barrow Island/WA

5 science flights in 2021 (in-situ measurements); 25 science flights in 2023 (in-situ measurements)

  • UB & ARA - Bowen Basin (>40 surface and underground coal mines)

5 science flights in 2022 (in-situ measurements)

47 science flights in 2023 (in-situ and remote sensing measurements)

UPCOMING in 2024:

  • ARA - 3 LNG-facilities on Curtis Island near Gladstone/Qld

  • ARA - Ichthys LNG-facility near Darwin/NT

~20 science flights (in-situ measurements)

Following IMEO policy, final results from the measurements will be published in peer-reviewed science journals.

Some preliminary visualisations and findings, as well as the used methodology will be shown below.










More to come over the next few days...
but you may want to fly meanwhile over the coal mines in the Bowen Basin
(best with sound):

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